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About the Blog:

Shiirleyy's Bookshelf is my personal blog born in mid-2011 where I share my thoughts about the books I've read/ upcoming books (and possibly rant a little every now and then).

Reviews featured will be a combination of YA and non-YA (Romance, Crime, Contemporary, Historical Fiction). I was an avid reader of YA but have since expanded my reading horizons to include non-YA books.

About Me
I'm Shirley and I currently reside in Sydney. I love books, fashion, food and travelling. I welcome intellectual conversations about history, crime and philosophy! (Shhh my real life friends don't know this side of me!)

I've always had a passion for reading, however for the majority of my life, my reading time had always been restricted due to educational commitments. Unfortunately for the past few years since I started Uni, I've been reading less and less due to my evolving hobbies and interests. However, I always have a book or two (or a tower) on my bedside table.

Some of my favourite YA authors include:
- J.K Rowling
- Richelle Mead
- Katie McGarry
- Veronica Roth
- Laini Taylor
- Stephanie Perkins
- Gayle Forman
- Sarah J Maas
- Melina Marchetta

My favourite non-YA authors:
- Jodi Picoult (love her books!!!)
- Stephen King (yes, i read horror)
- Paula Hawkins ( The Girl on the Train)
- Gillian Flynn ( My favourite crime/psychological thriller author) 
- Kevin Kwan (China Rich Girlfriend)
- Philippa Gregory ( Historical Fiction is awesomeeee)
- Colleen Hoover (she writes a combination of YA/non-YA)
- Tarryn Fisher ( Her Love Me with Lies series is epic. I want a love story like that of Caleb and Olivia)
- Samantha Young (Her books are a bit steamy....but worth reading )

I love meeting new people, so you can tweet mefriend me on GR or send me an email at shiirleyyx(AT)gmail(DOT)com anytime :D

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  1. Hi Shirley,
    I'm also a teen book blogger from Sydney and I thought I saw you at PTA live. I also love The Iron Fey series, Pretty Little Liars (Show) and TMI. Lovely Blog :)

    - Sunny A Sunny Spot Blog


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